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Ecuador, a small country that has so much to offer. Just a few examples would be, The Middle of the World, Coastal paradise and the Andean mountain range.


Resulting in Ecuador as the country with the greatest biodiversity in the world, by square kilometre. In the Ecuadorian Andes you find majestic Volcanoes and Mountains. In the Amazon Jungle, the garden of humanity that guards the magnificence of pure nature. The Coast, a mixture of relaxing beaches with calm waters and Galápagos an absolute paradise, filled with volcanic rocks, wildlife and unique species. Ecuador is 4 worlds in one country.

Ecuador is the only place in the world that can offer so many alternative activities, this is the reason that we invite you to read our website, where you can find infinite options to suit your personal needs.

Volcan Cotopaxi (Segundo volcan activo mas alto del mundo)
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