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The Ecuadorian coast is most commonly known as ‘The sun path’. With incredible, tropical beaches this is definitely one of the best places in South America to enjoy the sand, sun and sea.

Thanks to two oceanographic phenomena known as: ‘El Niño’, a marine stream that comes from the north bringing warm waters and a lot of humidity, this allows tropical forests to develop, and the other cold ‘Humboldt stream’ that comes from Antarctica bringing many nutrients that allow many incredible aquatic habitats. Because of these factors the Ecuadorian coast can be visited all year round.


As well as the beautiful beaches where you can relax and enjoy the amazing scenery, on the coast you can also take part in lots of water sports like surfing, sailing, jet skiing, snorkelling and many more. Also, we cannot forget about the delicious coastal cuisine including lots of seafood and fish. The Ecuadorian coast has been the cradle of pre-hispanic cultures that developed in this area thanks to its excellent climatic conditions and abundance of resources, which can be enjoyed until now.


Every year on the Ecuadorian coast you will have the chance to spot Humpback Whales that come on a long trip of 7000km (4500 miles) from the Antarctica. They come from the Antarctica to have their babies or in search of a partner. It’s their preferred area because of its warm waters. This migration occurs in the months July until October and sometimes you can even spot the whales from the beach.

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