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Journey Ecuador is a Tourism Agency that was created because of a dream, but became a reality thanks to Tourism. With Journey Ecuador we can ‘show off’ our beautiful country Ecuador and how incredible it is, our wish is to share with everyone the experience we have acquired from 10 years working as a Tourism guide in Ecuador and Galapagos. 

Given all the changes that are happening in the world right now, we made the decision to make something more from our ideas and create this Tourism Agency, which we believe can help to preserve the Ecuadorian nature but also the local economy in Ecuador. 

Journey Ecuador is characterized for being ready to do whatever it takes so that your visit will be most pleasant, this is the reason that our services are designed according to your personal needs. The activities can be carried out in groups, family, individually or in couples, there is no restriction at all. One of the advantages is that we have various alternatives depending on what you are looking for.


Our intention is to strive to be pioneers with quality service, and that this activity will be sustainable and help preserve the culture, unique eco systems and the native population of Ecuador.


Our vision is to promote this activity responsibly and sustainability. Through this we can show the different touristic attractions to our clients with the objective to preserve them so that the future generations can enjoy them as we see them today.


Boissonneaua flavescens, coronita coliha

Journey Ecuador is convinced that tourism is an economical activity that has very little environmental impact, bearing in mind that lots of the productive activities that humans have developed bring major destructive consequences to the environment. Therefore, we believe that tourism gives us the opportunity to carry out an economically beneficial activity, that does not affect the environment and at the same time allows us to protect it. Being an activity that involves many people from different places, the resources are distributed with everyone taking part, Journey Ecuador responsibly promotes the sustainable development of Tourism as an economical activity, given the benefit it would imply for the environment, economy and society.

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