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City tour + Ingapirca + Cajas National Park

Located at 2500 masl, (8,202 ft), and settled within a valley in the Andes Mountains. It is surrounded by 4 rivers that are born in the Cajas National Park, the same ones that have shaped the city since its inception.

The richness of its architecture and culture made Cuenca recognized as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Its Historic Center with its colonial and republican buildings, its landscape, its traditions.


Its legends have made Cuenca one of the most beautiful cities in Ecuador.

We find a mixture of styles in the main constructions and temples where the neoclassical and the baroque stand out and in their dwelling’s details such as moldings, columns, pilasters that the artists used to decorate the buildings.

Calderón Park is the heart of the city from where you can start the tours to different places of interest such as the famous Barranco, Churches, Convents, Museums and walk through its streets that still preserve stone pavers that were used by the Cañari culture and later the Incas.

Cajas National Park

One of the most important national parks in the country, with a unique flora and fauna, it has a total of 235 lagoons that have been identified. The origin of this place begins millions of years ago with the folding of the earth's crust where a type of boxes is formed that inside are the lagoons, the climate of this park is very varied and it is recommended to wear warm clothes.



It is the most important archaeological complex in the country, it is located near the city of Cuenca at 3160 masl (10.367 ft). The originality of its design and the mixture of different cultures such as the Cañari and later the Inca stand out, the construction of this temple was for astronomy, religious, administrative and military purposes, since it was the home of the last Inca king of the north, Atahualpa.

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