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Quilotoa Lagoon, Landscaping

The Quilotoa Lagoon, considered one of the 15 most beautiful lagoons in the world by twistedsifter, ( its beautiful colors, landscape and its contrast ratify its beauty.


The Quilotoa lagoon is located inside the crater of the volcano of the same name, with a depth of approximately 250m. The large amount of minerals makes the water acquire different tones ranging from turquoise green, blue and more tones, this phenomenon changes according to the intensity of sunlight and the concentration of minerals. When we are inside an active volcano on certain occasions it is possible to observe part of this activity.

There have been many eruptions over the years, and the last known record, occurred 800 years ago, doing different activities inside an active volcano is undoubtedly one of the best experiences to enjoy.

Activities you can do.



Bird watching.

Visit indigenous market, or indigenous house.


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