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Mindo, Cloud Forest

Mindo, also known as Cloud Forest, located in the north-west of Ecuador, is considered one of the most diverse hotspots on the planet. It is characterized by being a forest with great diversity in wildlife and plants that haven´t yet been registered.


The Cloud Forest is home to hundreds of species of plants, birds and other animals, many of these species that we can find in this place are endemic.

The cloud forest is an ecological paradise with a large amount of water resources such as waterfalls and with unique characteristics that allows the development and enjoyment of many relaxations, educational

Mindo is one of the most important international areas for bird conservation. Annually the Christmas bird count is carried out worldwide where Mindo has won the first place for many years. Bird Life International declared Mindo as the First Bird Area in South America. Also, The New York Botanical Garden has written about the large number of species of epiphytic plants (aerial plants, which grow on other plants) that exist in the cloud forest.

Being a high-altitude tropical forest, it is free from contracting some type of mosquito-borne disease such as malaria, dengue, Zika, etc.

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