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ISHPINGO - Ecuatorian Cuisine

We are a restaurant that seeks to highlight Ecuadorian cuisine and take it to another level, using local products and avant-garde techniques without losing the essence of the traditional.

We live in a country full of cultures and our desire is to rescue customs and traditions through our gastronomy.

We have a wide variety of typical dishes, in which a mixture of different ingredients is used and different cooking techniques are applied, which gives rise to a whole range of flavors typical of each region.

This, beyond being a restaurant, is an experience where you will be able to know all the Ecuadorian delicacies, it only remains to say that the gastronomy of our country is a mixture of the purest ancestral tradition of the inhabitants who have merged with the food and customs from our peoples.

Professional chef Gonzalo Alejandro Osorio Cifuentes.

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