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Quito, City tour +
Middle of the World +
Cable Car

Quito, the first city in the world to be declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, the large number of constructions made by its inhabitants throughout its history, the mix of cultures, traditions and the unique characteristics that distinguish it from other cities of the world, for everything said ¨Quito¨ an icon of humanity.

The history of Quito dates back approximately 12000 years, located in the vicinity of volcanoes, with an abundance of resources it was chosen by the first inhabitants where they developed for many centuries.

Qui-tu as it was called at the beginning and whose meaning is "Center of the World", and being very close to the equator. For a short time, it was the northern capital of the Inca Empire. With the arrival of Europeans there was a religious, cultural and all kinds of syncretism, that is why we can enjoy all that cultural mix and get to know the largest and best-preserved Historic Center in America.

The Historic Center of Quito, an architectural jewel with churches, palaces, monuments, squares, theaters, with spaces that stand out and all its cultural wealth can be evidenced with its intact beauty that it keeps in each place that you can visit.

Middle of the world

The equatorial line or Latitude 00º 00 '00 ", this fabulous place where this imaginary line that divides the Earth into two hemispheres crosses. It is the only place on the planet where this line crosses over mountains, the first inhabitants realized this situation and they were able to use them as reference points and they developed a great knowledge that later they elaborated agricultural calendars that allowed them to domesticate and cultivate different species especially plants for their feeding.

Thanks to this line, Ecuador took its name and is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic places in the country where with just one step you can be both north and south, and in turn observe how your shadow disappears over the course of the minutes.

Cable car

A view from which you can appreciate the city from a height of 4050 masl (13287 ft). From this place you can see the Historic Center of Quito and much of the city, the Volcano Avenue is another place that can be seen from this point with a panoramic view of all the mountains that make it up, we can also hike to the summit of the Rucó Pichincha Volcano and being at a height of 4784 masl (15696 ft), this is an excursion of medium technical level, it takes an approximate time of 4 to 5 hours, enjoying nature and its charm near the city is an alternative that we offer this place.

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